Dear sisters, I thank God for His mercy over my life and the lives of my family.

He is Jehovah Rapha my Healer. A year ago, February 2012, I was diagnosed with an enlargement of the heart. Prior to that time I had serious pain around my chest axis that made me a regular patient to general hospital.

But I thank God for His word from the altar of Daughters of Destiny. In our month of communion, June 2012, I came for 1st service because I was booked for another ECG and also to see a cardiologist at the hospital. During the service a message was preached that ‘’ Oh ye gate be lifted up’’, during the prayer session, I spoke to the gate of my heart and said that day was going to be my last day at the hospital. As I took the communion, I knew I was healed. I went to the hospital, had the ECG, when the doctor saw the result, he said my heart was perfect. I thank God, because I have not been to the hospital since that day neither have I been on any medication.

Glory be to God.