I want to really appreciate the Lord for His faithfulness. God honoured His word and promises over my life and family. For over two years I thought that God has stopped answering my prayers, with the seeds and vows I made and redeemed, I did not know that my prayers, offerings and even my services as a worker in the house of God were taking time to mature into a fruitful field of harvest.
Last year I held onto the word in DOD’’ ARA WONDER’’ and God honoured His word. He restored my husband’s headship position after years of joblessness, God blessed him with a beautiful job, and in November, God gave us the 11th hour miracle of restoration. In January 2013 the month of “New Beginning’’ God did it, my husband travelled abroad for the first time to two different countries all expenses paid by his company. In February our month of ‘’ Divine Lifting’’ God did it. After receiving quit notice from two different landlords last year, God moved us higher, we are now live a prime location and more comfortable accommodation and I know more are on the way.
Thank you Jesus! I pray that the Lord will bless and empower Apostle Busola and her family more and more in Jesus mighty name.