Testimonials - DIVINE HEALING

Praise the Lord!!!
I want to thank God first and foremost for giving me the grace to participate in the 21 days prayer and fasting. And i also want to thank God for bringing me in contact with Apostle Busola and DOD ministry.
In 2010 I had a fall in my house and I fell flat on my back, only my head was spared from hitting the ground. Since then I have suffered humiliation and insults because when I could not do things because of the pains I am going through people start saying I am pretending. This pain continued, and i underwent x-rays and took drugs without any relief, and the doctors would tell me that because there is a lot of shift in the ligaments in the neck, that it will close gradually considering my age and that I would have to bear the pains until whenever it healed. Meaning there’s no specified time that it would close completely.
Praise the Lord! During the Alabaster box service, the word of God came expressly that there’s a woman with something at the back of your neck and that it has ended, I came under the anointing, that was the end of that evil affliction in my life, I got my healing. I drove the car myself all the way to living word camp to drop my child that went for a youth programme, and came back without any pain up till today. I don’t know what to say but thank you to the Lord of lords, the giver of life for this healing. It shall be permanent in Jesus name, amen. I pray that the enemy would not outwit the Apostle in this work that God has entrusted in her hand in Jesus Mighty name.