Moving Mountains
September 17, 2012

Moving Mountains

Passage: Matthew 17:14-21

A Mountain is a natural elevation of the earth’s surface. It attains heights over 2000 feet or 610 meters. It is a large mass of something or a huge amount of something eg a mountain of letters. A mountain is a Jewish metaphor for an obstruction or problem that is blocking one’s way.
In the scriptures the term mountain was also used as the mountain of the Lord Ezekiel 20 v 40. But in the context of this message we will consider the meaning in the light of a huge problem or challenge. The term mountain is used to describe a big problem, just like mountains are big and obstruct the view, a mountain (problem) does not allow a person to focus on or see other opportunities in life. A person with a mountain of health issues will only be after healing, he cannot pursue purpose or vision. Terminal sickness and affliction is a mountain, just as poverty and lack can be a mountain.
Quite often in life we come across challenges of various magnitudes. There are challenges that we face that we just mutter a prayer and almost immediately, you get an answer for.



Looking at our text the type of affliction being described here can be called a mountain. A mountain situation is one that makes you suffer severely. A mountain situation can be an epileptic situation, it comes and goes. A mountain situation can be long term problem or having chain problems. Like the disciples tried and could not cast out the demon, a mountain problem is one that has defied your usual prayers.



1. Power of the Holy Spirit: You need to receive Jesus into your life as your Lord and Saviour, then receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When you receive the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1 v 8 – You receive POWER, the anointing of the Holy Spirit in you can move mountains. Isaiah 10 v 27 says the anointing breaks the yoke.

2. Your authority as a believer: In addition to this power you need to know your AUTHORITY. Luke 9 v 1-2, Luke 10 v 1 &9 – After you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you need to know what the Word of God says about you on different issues such as your health, finances, marriage etc. The Word of God is your authority.
3. Faith: Mountain moving faith is actually described as a mustard seed which is one of the smallest type of seeds. The faith here is THE FAITH OF GOD, the type of faith that God used to call forth creation into being. The faith that does not doubt at all. Jesus showed the example of this type of faith in Mark 11 v 12 -24. You need to have FAITH IN GOD that He is able to do what His Word says about your situation. In Matt 17 v 20 we can see why the disciples failed. They had authority but they lacked mountain moving faith.
4. Prayer and Fasting: Prayer and fasting subdues our bodies and release our spirits. It helps to increase our faith also. When Esther fasted with her maids and the people. She had favour, the mountain of death sentence for showing up uninvited was removed. Ist Chronicles 20 v 3, Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast for all the people and deliverance came.


  • Locate the WORD OF God for that situation- Mark 4 v 14, the Word is a seed. Psalms 119 v 89- The Word of God is forever settled. God will not break His word – Psalms 89 v 34.
  • Believe what the Word of God says about your situation- Mark 9 v 23 and Mark 11 v 23 when we issue commands to sickness and or situations with doubts and fear, the demons can sense it and they will not obey us.
  • Speak to the mountain or the problem: Matthew 17 v 20, Mark 11 v 23 – 24, Ezekiel 36 v 1 and v 4, Ezekiel 37 v 4 – You must always use the power of the spoken word to uproot any mountain in your life. Confess positively and speak to the issue always.
  • Pray always about the issue: John 14 v 13 – 14 – God is faithful to answer our requests.
  • Meditate on the Word of God. Continue to meditate on God’s Word concerning the issue, until wisdom starts flowing. Direction comes from meditation. Confess it, mutter and utter it and memorise it.


1. Zechariah 4 v 6 – 7 – By the spirit of God you mountain in my life be removed in Jesus name.
2. Jeremiah 51 v 25- Every mountain in my life the Lord is against you, you mountain of failure become rubble (NLT) in Jesus name.
3.Micah 6 v 1-2, Matt 17 v 20, Mark 11 v 23 SPEAK TO THAT MOUNTAIN IN YOUR LIFE ADDRESS IT BY THE WORD OF GOD.

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