Faith for Manifestation
September 17, 2012

Faith for Manifestation

Passage: Mark 9:23, Mark 10:27

Faith is potent and so very powerful that it confers divinity on human beings. It empowers us to operate in the realm and class of God. Roman 1: 16 and Eph 6:16 show us that Faith is a spiritual means and weapon of em-power-ment. Faith draws (pulls) on the power of God to empower our life for triumph.

Every time we allow our faith to come alive, virtue flows from God to us and this is not a religious theory but a heavenly mystery which is incomprehensible by man. 1st Tim 3:9. When faith rises up in us concerning any issue, God’s integrity is committed to deliver and He is not man that he would lie. Faith is an ever-winning spiritual force not a biblical logic, magic or philosophy and that is why it is important for us to find out the kind of faith that works and to have it. 1st John 5:4.

So why are we so powerless and helpless?

Romans 10:17. Faith not only comes by hearing the word of God but by HEARING FROM God; Heb 11. When we look at those who did great things by having faith, we would understand that the effrontery and belief they demonstrated originated from hearing from God. Access to the voice of God is the stronghold of faith.  It is the cure for doubts when we are awaiting the manifestation of God’s promises and answer to prayers. You cannot hear from God and still have doubts.

We have not been hearing from God because we are spiritually deaf. God still speaks today because HE is the Lord and changeth not. Access to rhema is the foundation of unshakeable faith.

Think of Moses. Exo 3:7-8. In his era, no normal or ordinary person would dare to confront an institution or any king as Moses did. The voice of the LORD is so irresistible that Moses did not consider protocols or danger. He simply MOVED,  Exo 7:1. Even objects know when faith is powered by the voice of God. Psa 114:9. Exo 14:15 – the sea saw them and fled! Strong faith gives you the boldness to MANIFEST.

When God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham was not only being bruised in the heart, but God in his statement said “your son whom thou LOVEST,” yet Abraham though weary ROSE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING to carry out the instruction. How many of us would quicken our steps to work for God how much more hurt our children for HIS namesake? The voice of God is distinct, firm and clear.

How to access the voice of God

  1. Directly from God. Some examples are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who received direct instructions from God. Gen26:1. If you can hear from heaven, the earth will hear your voice.
  2.  Through God’s word. Isi 34:16. Every verse of the scripture has the voice of God behind it. Psa 34:5, Heb 10:5-7.
  3. Through the Spirit of God. John 16:12-13 – the spirit hears from God and release words of knowledge and wisdom unto us.


How to connect to the voice of God.

God speaks all the time but we need to tune-in to the frequency of his station

  1. We must be spiritual. 1st Corin 2:14, Rev 1:10. When a dog talks, human beings would say, it barked but to a fellow dog; the barking dog is speaking. It takes like beings to understand one another’s language. We must be spiritual to hear and know spiritual things.
  2. Engage in quality walk in the spirit. Gal 5:25. We must be sensitive to the dictates of the spirit on our daily walk and actions. Not only when we are in church or engaged with religious activities such praying, fasting, studying the word or praising the Lord. God can speak at any time of the day regardless of what we are doing or our location. Spiritual things only answer to spiritual people.
  3. We must have a lifestyle of constant praise. Isi 30:29-31, 2nd Kings 3:15
  4. Engage a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. Prayer is not a rescue act. It should be a normal programme of our life. Matt 6:6-8, 16. He said ‘when’ and NOT ‘if’ we pray. Until prayer and fasting becomes your lifestyle, you are far from the access to God’s voice.
  5. Search for the truth. Use resources which contain the knowledge about God. Relevant books, audio and video messages, music, internet, fellowships, etc. Hosea 12:10.

In Rev 5:12, a 7-manifold blessing awaits us. But we must have faith and thrive on grace to praise God in order to obtain the blessings. Faith has answers to all human questions; victory for every battle we may be confronted with, it has the key to every door we want to open. GOD IS REAL AND GOD IS HERE!


Pastor Busola Jegede

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