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Intimacy with God will always yield positive results. Build yourself more by reading some of Apostle Busola Jegede’s books, divinely powered by the Holy Spirit to build a better you, family and nation. Your life will never be the same again. Click on any of the stores to get your copy.

Breaking the Yoke of Ungodly Delay

Many times we suffer delays in our lives due to satanic manipulations. When Daniel fasted and prayed for twenty-one days, the Lord had answered him from first day.

Ungodly delay is a form of denial of God’s blessings. Is there an area of your life where you are experiencing stagnation or delay? Daniel got his answer eventually because her persisted in the place of prayers. This book will surely help you pray through and break every yoke of ungodly delay in your life.

Soaring High

Soaring High is a book that elicits guidelines that can help us to succeed on our life purpose and calling. It brings to the fore the important ingredients needed for a consistent victorious walk and all round achievement and progress.

Revival and Breakthrough Prayers

This book was borne out of the need to equip Christians for more effectiveness in intercession, spiritual warfare and other forms of prayers. For this to be achieved, it is important that prayers are based on the Word of God.

This book combines the use of relevant scriptures with prayer points that address different areas and situations in our lives. It will boost your prayer life and God will give you the grace to pray without ceasing.

Power of Covenant

God is a covenant keeping God, the more we understand the importance of a covenant walk with God the more success we can achieve in our Christian life.

Ignorance of the effects of evil covenants will lead to frustrations and stagnation. There is the need to break free from evil yokes operating in our lives which came in through evil covenants entered into knowingly or ignorantly.

Pillars of Destiny

This is a book that will provoke you to take charge of your Destiny. Many times Christians live below full potentials because they do not fully understand their role in charting the course of their lives.

This book elicits the factors that affect our lives and how these can be properly harnessed in order to fulfill our God ordained Destiny. Having a good understanding of this profound issue of Destiny and tackling it in the place of prayers as outlined in the fasting and prayer program on the subject matter will certainly boost your life.

Divine Healing by Confession

Many people believe God for healing but very few put their faith to work by confession on a regular and precise basis.

Divine healing by confession is a book that will help you to apply specific promises of God to your situation in any area where you desire to be healed. Faith based declarations and confessions aptly put together in this book lead to astounding healing testimonies.

Pray Without Ceasing

Fasting and prayer is a spiritual exercise that helps to sharpen us spiritually as well as move mountains that may be hindering our lives.

Pray without Ceasing is a manual that enables you to experience the efficacy of the word of God when used as a basis for prayers, when fasting is added to a word based prayer it becomes an effectual prayer that avails much.

100 Days of fire and power

Intimacy with God will always yield positive results. This book is a manual that will enable the user to lift up different aspects of his or her life before God, as well as connecting with divine grace, mercy, provision and favour of God.

If you can endeavour to go before God at a covenant time consistently for 100 days or more, using this prayer guide, your life will never be the same again

The Woman in Me

The “Woman in Me” is the woman that God created me to be. I daily strive to achieve the totality of this great assignment and calling that God requires of me. I am on a journey of purpose and like you, every day i need God’s grace.

Right inside of you is the man or woman God wants you to be. As you read this book, may discover your true potential and receive the grace to achieve its fullness in Jesus name.

Lord Deliver And Bless My Marriage

Lord Deliver and Bless My marriage is a much-needed resource at this time when the marriage institution is being severely threatened by so many factors.

It is an expose on the problems that we come across in marital life as well as practical solutions for overcoming them.

Sowing strategic seeds for Financial breakthrough

The book “Sowing strategic seeds for financial breakthrough”is a treasure that must be sought out.The financial challenges that we face in our modern world has made it glaring that it takes more than mere chance to prosper.Indeed it is a time when those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. Knowing what God requires for you to proper financially is the secret to financial breakthrough. The seed principle is a God principle and you will experience an abundance as you release these strategic seeds to fertile ground in Jesus name.

Spring Forth

Spring forth is a book that will provoke the reader to move into a new realm of possibility from a life of defeat and hopelessness.
There is something new that needs to come out of your life as long as you have breath in you. The aim of the book is to sensitize you to birth that new vision or new purpose in your life.

Secret place of the MOST HIGH for Women

There is a place prepared by God for everyone who is desirous of resting in Him.The secret place of the MOST HIGH fro women is a book where very woman will find rest from weariness,tonic for life,admonition,encouragement,inspiration as well as revelations and insightful teachings by the Holy Spirit.
You will experience a revival in your prayer life as well as your desire to study God’s word.
We encourage the use of this book for weekly bible study by groups and individuals. As you journey in the secret place of the Most High,the peace of God will envelop your life and divine visions will burst forth in your heart to make you the woman that God has called you to be.

Secret place of Most High for men

This book is a passionate summons to men ushering them into a new dimension of intimacy in worship. It calls on us to recover our spiritual authority in our homes and manifest integrity in the world.At a time when many of us are often too busy to pray and bogged down by the demands of work,it is a powerful reminder for us to redefine masculinity not in terms of ego,power or possessions but in terms of submission to God. I recommend it as a timely and valuable spiritual resource.(Dr Tony Rapu,senior pastor,This Present House,Lagos,Nigeria)

The Secret Place of the Most High for Women

This book THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH FOR WOMEN is a phenomenal aid for every woman who has the desire to have a higher walk with GOD. It will guide you as you journey into the Secret Place of the Most High where you can freely express your joy, love, fears, pains, desires and expectations to God. The Secret place is a place of power; a place where you gather strength and strategies for the public place; where you hear hints that take you far. It is a book that will help you to maximize the potential of having intimacy with GOD as you get the blue-prints for your life and discover purpose.