About Us

Raising women intercessors for the family and nations.

Daughters of Destiny (DOD) is an Interdenominational Fellowship for women, charged with a vision to raise women as intercessors for the family and Nations borne out of the divine instruction to gather women to obey the call in Jeremiah 9 verses 17 and 20. The fellowship was formally registered in 2007.

We believe that a prayerful woman is a warrior on behalf of and an asset to the family and the nation. There is a God given ability in every woman to travail and bring forth. Women have wombs naturally and carry visions AND BIRTH destinies. At DOD we inspire, encourage, and teach women how to achieve their God ordained destinies and to maximize their potential. We believe prayers must be backed up by purpose and vision must be followed up by venture.

To ensure this vision, we have centres strategically located in Lagos, Nigeria, London, USA and Ontario, Canada where dedicated women of all ages’ groups and status conscientiously gather regularly to offer intercessory prayers for their destinies, families and nations.

The Founder and President is  Apostle Mrs. Busola Jegede.

Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship is for women of all ages, single or married. Our focal areas of ministry are

  • Prayer
  • Women Empowerment and
  • Prison Ministry

According to Apostle Busola Jegede“The burden for this ministry came in October, 2004; I kept hearing the Lord say to me “my daughters are not praying, my daughters are not praying.” The Lord made the vision clearer and more explicit. I heard the Spirit of God saying that though some of my daughters desire to pray and fellowship with Me daily, the demands of the hectic lifestyle of the 21st century woman allows little time to for them to do so.

The Lord then instructed that I should set up a place of prayer for the working class women, where they can have fellowship and commune with Him on a regular basis. From this first center many more have been established worldwide, to the glory of God.

In London the ministry is known as Busola Jegede International Ministry. “BJIM
busola jegede International Ministry

DOD is run by the Founder & President with the support of anointed Centre Coordinators and various team leaders.